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We love an old school, vintage vibe when it comes to our apparel here at The Coolector so it will come as no surprise whatsoever that we’ve fallen pretty hard for these awesome looking Heritage Rugby Shirts from the guys at Withernot. Available online from Huckberry, these quality shirts will be ideal for enjoying a few craft beers with friends in the local taproom or heading out in search of adventure and their eye-catching visuals are definitely right up our street.

It all began during an English football match back in 1823, when one player decided to pick the ball up with his hands – and just rolle with it. And that’s how rugby came to be. The rugby shirt followed soon after, born out of the necessity to withstand 80 minutes of scrums, tackles, and uncompromising players. Even climbers in the ‘70s and ‘80s adopted the style, thanks to its robust durability. Withernot’s ace looking Heritage Rugby Shirts are a faithful reimagining of this heritage classic and use the same traditional silhouette and heavy cotton build. If you’re looking to add a little history to your wardrobe, these retro shirts will fit the bill.

Available in an array of different colourways, these Heritage Rugby Shirts will add a touch of vintage cool to your winter wardrobe but are perfect fodder for year-round wear in our opinion here at The Coolector. These are rugby shirts made like they used to make ’em, inside and out and they’ll blow you away with their comfort and eye-catching style. When rugby was first invented the players wore trousers and a bow tie during the games. Needless to say, that didn’t work well with the physical nature of the sport. They needed something that would be tough enough to take a beating but still honour the gentlemanly origins of the sport, and so the rugby shirt was born.

These fantastic Withernot Heritage Rugby Shirts are great value for money and retail for an entirely reasonable $98.50 and they are directly inspired by the styles that were commonly worn by rock climbers of the ’70s and ’80s. Over the years, the rugby shirt aesthetic has enjoyed popularity among hardcore climbers, surfers, and anyone else who loved it’s robust feel and bold visuals. Each of these shirts is crafted with strong, heavyweight cotton and modelled after vintage colour palettes and iconic designs from the rugby shirt’s long history.

Filled with great features that help to set these shirts apart, you’ll be wearing them for years to come as they rapidly become a staple of your wardrobe rotation. Some of the stand out design features of the Withernot Heritage Rugby Shirts include the fact they are crafted from a heavyweight 10.5 oz cotton in a 12-gauge knit and have a traditional white collar made from cotton twill. Each shirt has rubber buttons – a feature that was originally designed so they wouldn’t scratch player’s faces in a scrum and the shirts are double-stitched reinforcements for extra strength.