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Shenandoah Rugby Shirt Shirts & Tops Withernot


Back in the 70s, rugby shirts were the shirt of choice for a rather unconventional use: rock-climbing. The twill collar prevented neck abrasion from climbing ropes, they had durable rubber buttons, and were made with heavyweight knit fabric that could withstand scrapes and tears. Because of this newfound utility, rugby shirts saw a surge in popularity in the 70s and into the 80s.

Withernot rugby shirts are built with the same signature heavyweight construction, but with new stripe designs and bright, bold, and modern colors. Over time, your Withernot rugby will break in, and softly fade to get that perfect worn-in look. These shirts are perfect for crisp mornings on the trail, lounging around after a long day, or looking presentable for that Friday afternoon Zoom meeting.

However you wear your rugby shirt, it is our hope that it will last you years and years to come.


It all started with a shirt that my father wore to death. As a college student in the late 70s (and a member of the club rugby team), my father had his fair share of these popular rugby shirts. Because they lasted forever, father wore them forever. That is, until my brother stole them on his way to college himself years later (see below). A few years after him, I followed suit and stole the same shirt when I also went off to school, continuing the family tradition.

My brother and I had always lamented the fact that nobody seemed to make these heavyweight, sturdy, bright colored shirts anymore. I browsed eBay and vintage stores for years to whet my appetite, but finding ones that fit well and had the style I wanted was like finding a needle in a haystack.

So, in late 2019, we decided that it was time that someone step up and start producing these classic designs again, and thus the concept of Withernot was born. Over the next 6 months we were on the search for a manufacturer. After all, it's one thing to have an idea, it's a whole other thing to turn that idea into a reality. After receiving disappointing samples from countless manufacturers, we finally found the perfect partner that had everything we wanted, and got to work. In fall of 2020 we released our first line, and sold out in a couple weeks.  

Thank you for reading, and for your support of our brand.

- Patrick Hill, Owner + Founder

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