Stonemaster Rugby Shirt


Inspired by the famous California rock-climbers of the 70s, dubbed the "Stonemasters".  This rugged navy, forest green and gold tri-stripe is an instant classic.

Heavyweight 14 oz cotton, traditional 12-gauge knit rugby. Built to last.

  • Cotton twill collar
  • Rubber buttons
  • Double-stitched reinforcements
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Hem tag
  • Imported

Care Instructions:

  • Machine Wash Cold Separately
  • Hang-To-Dry Recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ron S.
Terrific shirt

I had three other rugbies before this one. It looks great and somehow feels even thicker, stronger, and warmer than the others. I am wondering if the four I have are enough???

True to form

How a Rugby should be built! Numerous companies are now offering a rugby with their fall lines, however no one makes the rugby constructed like they should be like Withernot.

Haarald P.
The best rugby since 1987

I’ve been looking for one of these legit, heavy , sturdy rugby shirts for a while now. Style: classic. Build: sturdy. I can’t wait to break it in.

Work of Art

This Rugby is a work of art... really all of the Withernots are and I now own quite a few of them. Comfortable and rugged, my Withernot Rugby's are my go-to for just about any occasion. The Stonemaster fits the bill when you're looking for subdued but classic colors and design... one of my favorites for sure.

Finally found what I have been looking for

I remember from years ago my favorite shirt. It was a rugby, heavy weight fabric, cuffed sleeves, twill collar, rubber buttons, and vibrant colors. I had several. And then they disappeared. No one seemed to sell them. Time passed, fabrics evolved, and everything became moisture-wicking, synthetic, form fitting athletic clothes. Still nice, but sometimes its nice to just wear a cotton shirt.

So I searched, and searched, and searched. I googled. I found this shirt. It is AWESOME. It is how I remember the rubgy. Withernot's designers need to get working and make more color combinations.

I'm 5'8" and about 185 lbs., all muscle. I wear a large after trying a medium (to narrow).